Paper Pirates x New York

Shoot. Print. Send. Steal. 

After taking over Tokyo in 2014 Paper Pirates is back for 2015 and making its way to one of the biggest, baddest most belligerent cities on the Planet.

New York fuckin' City.

If you are new to Paper Pirates, here is how it works:

1. You print up to four of your favourite photographs on shitty paper (or nice paper if you fancy), A3 (11" x 17") or larger. Kinkos is good, the office printer when the boss isn't looking is even better.

2. Take those four photographs, write your name, e-mail and a message on the back, then put them in the post and mail them to us.  

3. We collect all the photographs, plaster them to the wall in an amazing space, then everyone comes along to check them out, drink some free Stolen Rum, and at the end of the night, usually when the booze runs out, steal the photographs off the wall to keep, for free, forever.

4. After party.

Shoot. Print. Send. Steal.

Welcome back to Paper Pirates.


Send up to four photographs, A3 (11" x 17") or larger, to:

Paper Pirates
c/o Villain
50 North 3rd Street
New York

Photographs due by:

12 June. 2015.

Paper Pirates x New York event:

Villain. 13 June. Event details here.

If you have any questions please think a little harder. If that does not work, read our FAQ.  If that does not help email

Huge thank you to Villain and Stolen Rum . We would have nowhere to show photographs and nothing to drink without them.

Paper Pirates relies on word of mouth and online virility. If you could please like or share this link (buttons below), tell your friends about it, write about it in your newsletter / magazine / blog we would be very grateful. The more people who know about Paper Pirates, the better the Paper Pirates.

See you soon New York.