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What is Paper Pirates?
Paper Pirates is a travelling, free, guerrilla photography exhibition.

How does it work?
You post us your favourite photographs printed on A3 (11"x17") sized paper or larger — or upload them here.  We collect the photographs then display them for one night in Wellington, then a few days later in Auckland.  You come along on the night and enjoy the photographs, free drinks, and the general vibe.  At the end of the night, when the drinks are gone, you scramble to take the photographs you like off the wall to keep for free, forever.

We don't need to pay any money?

Surely just uploading my photos is easier?
It sure is. But due to the cost of printing, we can't guarantee all uploaded submissions will be included in the shows. We prefer your paper prints, hence our name — so, if you send us a print, it will be exhibited, if you upload it, it will probably be exhibited. But not definitely. 

Two shows this time? Does that mean I should post two of each print I want exhibited?
Yes it does, perceptive one.  

What does it look like?
Watch this video.

Wait, do I retain ownership of my photo after upload?
Of course you do. We are not in the business of looting photos, we just facilitate it. Your photos are yours and remain yours — though we would like to use some of them on our social medias, see our official Ts & Cs here.

Why do you do Paper Pirates?
It's awesome to see hundreds of beautiful photographs from all over the world in one room for one night only.  It's easy to forget that seeing photography in the flesh, as opposed to on your phone or laptop, is a much more interesting and compelling experience.
Also, we have found that this is the best way to convince rum companies to give us free booze.  They give us lots, so we can share it with you. Thanks Stolen Rum and Tiger beer

Where and when is the next Paper Pirates?
December 15th, Wellington — at Potocki Paterson Art Gallery. Then again, same show, December 18th in Auckland — at Gus Fisher Gallery.

When can I submit to Paper Pirates?
Submissions are now open for Paper Pirates Aotearoa.  Submissions close 12 December, 2017.  See above for show dates.

Can anyone submit photographs to Paper Pirates?
Yes.  Absolutely anyone.  So long as they are A3 (11"x17") or larger.

Where do I send them?
Auckland show —
12 Alanbrooke Cres,
Auckland 0600,
New Zealand

Wellington show —
Precinct 35
35 Ghuznee Street
Te Aro
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand

Do I have to be a good photographer?
Define good.  Photography is a subjective medium and as such we do not discriminate. Though please note — if you submit via online upload, there is a chance we won't have the bank balance to print them all.  One final red flag, we won't put your photograph up if you put a watermark or logo over it because that just looks tacky.

I don't have much money, what if I can't afford to get it printed?
We don't care what kind of paper you print your photographs on so long as they are A3 (11"x17") or bigger.  If you are as poor as you say you are, print them off at work when the boss isn't looking.  If you don't have a job, ask a friend who has a job to do it for you.  Also, get a job.  Just kidding, do what you want.  It's your life.

Can anyone come to the event?
Yes.  Everyone is welcome.

And you're sure it is free?

How can I support Paper Pirates?
By submitting photos and sharing our events! The more people who know about Paper pirates, the better the Paper Pirates. Also, we will have T-shirts for sale online and on the night, and we have grand plans to make a book one of these days.

Still confused? Feel free to email either Tim or Joe — tim@shutterpirates.com / joe@shutterpirates.com

See you in Wellington and/or Auckland.